Heart Bound
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fan work by 4getfulimaginator adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Heart Bound

The day she sets foot in Storybrooke, she just

that everything will be different. It's a strange feeling, this premonition that won't go away. Perhaps it's a good omen, or a foretelling of terrible times to come.

Of course, she can't tell which it is.

But as always, Emma Swan takes her hopes in stride with her doubts, telling herself repeatedly that she shouldn't want for anything but secretly wishing that finally, this could be home.

Her home, the one she's been searching for since she was really young and naïve and lonely.

Looking at the simple village houses, the rolling hills and cliffs in the distance that indicate how close they are to the sea, she realizes that her journey has come down to this.

First, it was helping Robin find his "happy ending" (with a dish of sadness on the side of that tale, her own personal love story that became all twisted and wrong in one instant)...

Then Graham, in all his sweetness and melancholy and his dear, dear mother who became like her own... And now this.

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