Healing Touch
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Healing Touch

He’d flinched when she touched him.

Terra didn’t think much of it at the time, too busy with trying to wrap her head around the unbelievable story Adam had told her while while she sutured his shoulder.

But later, after the final battle, when she had finally returned to her apartment and collapsed, the images of the past few days swirled through her unconscious brain.

When she woke it was with the fading feeling of his muscles twitching under her touch, and his body turning away from her.

Terra thought about it over the next few days, trying to think back and remember if he reacted that way to everyone, or if it was just her. The results of this introspection were disturbing.

Terra realized that apart from that one instance, no one had touched Adam in her presence except with the intention to harm, and given the circumstances,

she didn’t think it likely that it happened any other time.

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