Healing Touch
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fanfic by oakendurinsons posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Healing Touch

As the morning sun cracked through his curtains, Bilbo woke from his sleep. The man was used to waking up early to start his day.

There was plenty to be done, and not many hours in the day to do it in. He rolled over in bed with a yawn, throwing back the comforter, spooking his cat, Old Toby.

The tomcat begrudgingly leapt off the bed and stalked out of the room, probably to go hide under the couch where he wouldn’t be disturbed.

Bilbo put on his patched robe and old, worn slippers, made his bed, and began his descent down his stairs.

His home was rather cozy and cluttered, but the writer had enough money left from his parents to purchase a house that was sizable enough for a family of six.

Sadly, Bilbo lived alone, filling all the extra bedrooms with what was near and dear to him.

One was his library, one his study, and one was a room he used to store his plants before they were old enough to place in the ground.

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