Healing the Damage
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A short story by blackrose_17 posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Healing the Damage

Trapped inside his own mind Ianto curled up into the smallest ball he could be as the voices and memories of those who died at Torchwood One mixed with the new voices and memories

he acquired during his time with the cannibals,

his mind could not handle all the pain and suffering and as his mental shields shattered fully Ianto retreated deep into his mind trying to preserve what was left of his sanity.

He could feel a distant echo that was Jack trying to reach out to him, to call him back from the depths of his mind,

and as much as Ianto wanted to reach out to Jack but he couldn't their bond was buried under all the pain and fear,

he was lost in a sea without his anchor and Ianto had no idea how he would find his way back.

A small whimper escaped Ianto's lips as he curled deeper into himself,

the voices and memories around him getting stronger and stronger until he felt them overwhelm everything and his last thoughts were towards Jack,

even though he was sure his mate wouldn’t hear them they offered his a form of comfort,

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