He was my Man and I was his Woman
He was my Man and I was his Woman chris walker stories

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written piece by tonystark_steverogersdiary adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

He was my Man and I was his Woman

Tony Stark was aimlessly wandering within the labyrinth of Mount Massive Asylum, cautiously slinking behind splintered boarded walls and venturing the darkness,

armed with only a simple camcorder with its night vision turned on.

He was a software engineer for Von Doom’s Corporation that owns this psychiatric institution; he discovered the terrible truth that the entire staff and the organization itself

were torturing the patients with a tool called the Morphogenic Engine.

There is not much information on the device, but it is said to cause physiological trauma and transform the victims into insane people called: Variants.

The main purpose was for the machine to make these experimented people to achieve lucid-dream states and gain the ability to control the immortal Walrider.

The Walrider is comprised of nanites and is rumored to have a black ghostly appearance of a powerful male; the whole team researched different methods to complete their goal of providing

a perfect host for the Walrider since they yearned to exercise this impressive authority under their direction.

The problem is that they were using human beings who are mentally ill to begin with since only those who have witnessed much horror can be the Walrider’s host.

The project went astray, but a young man named Billy Hope did become the Walrider’s vessel, but it has become the fiercest creature to ever sprout from this cursed mountain.

Tony wanted to expose these facts to the outside world to put an end to the Von Doom Corporation’s evil deeds, unfortunately,

he was caught on sending an email that provided details of the horrible events in Mount Massive Asylum.

It was not able to be sent because his employer wrecked his laptop, so he was not able to give the document to a journalist named Miles Upshur.

Tony was subjected to experience a dose of the Morphogenic Engine as punishment, but he was able to break from his bonds, steal a camcorder,

and avoid being turned into a Variant to not become deformed both physically and mentally.

Tony is a gorgeous man with short fluffy dark brown hair that is fashioned into a faux Mohawk as his nicely curved face has an attractive Van Dyke beard.

For the time being, he had on simple blue scrubs and let his bare feet patter upon the dusty floor.

He was currently in the Female Ward, zigzagging around and going in between narrow fractured walls, hearing a Variant patrolling around speaking as if he were two diverse people.

Tony realized that this scarred male has dissociative identity disorder, there were instances that he would speak in his regular voice and then emit a female one,

making it seem as if it were a conversation between companions.

The Variant is named Dennis, and he is aware that Tony is somewhere in this cluttered region, he sought after him with a vile anger and with a bizarre fear.

Tony began to climb up an oak partition with his camcorder that he tied around his waist with a strong string, he then jumped down and looked up to see a door swing open a few feet away.

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