He Could Be The One
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A written piece by btrobsession posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

He Could Be The One

Brown eyes fluttered open, and slowly began to adjust to the sunlight seeping into the room. The brunet let out a yawn, and sat up to stretch.

His eyes landed on the alarm clock that sat on the nightstand, and he quickly jumped out of bed. He was late for work.

Logan has never been late to work, but life had different plans for him today. He decided to skip the shower since he took one last night, but doing his hair was something he couldn't skip.

Squirting some styling gel into his palm, the brunet got to work on spiking his hair. Once he was impressed, he ran back into the bedroom to get dressed.

A white button down with a black vest, red tie and black skinny jeans was today's outfit. Now all that was missing was shoes, which Logan picked his favorite pair of boots.

Breakfast was simple; a slice of toast and a protein bar. He always stopped for coffee on his way to work. The brunet gathered his things, then he was out the door.

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