He always comes back
He always comes back eric raleigh stories

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A fan work by awsomekiller666 adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

He always comes back

Everything hurts, it’s dark and the people around him are breathing heavily.

He can’t tell them that it’s going to be alright, he can’t tell them that they’ll all get out of this alive and unscathed because he doesn’t know. He isn’t sure that they

will be alive by the time this shit is over and done with.

He feels eyes on him and he knows that his companions are worried for him, feels the way the van they are held captive in turns and turns,

he figures it’s the Savior's way of keeping them disoriented while they wait for whatever reason.

He just waits, waits for everything else to go south and turn against them like everything else has.

He feels the car stop, causing him and the others to sway with the movement. He bumps his shoulder in the process and he grits his teeth at the pain that courses through his veins.

His right side is completely soaked in blood, he feels his bones soak in the air as the van doors are swung open.

He was temporarily blinded by the light that invaded his eyes, lifting his hand to cover his eyes he felt hands pull at his body.

He was pulled out by the asshole Dwight and before he could glare daggers at the blonde man, what he saw made his heart clench tightly and his stomach drop to the floor.

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