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written piece by dante_morgan adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


He'd lost sight of the enemy.

A particularly flashy explosion - the result of two powerful Ceros colliding head-on - had forced Grimmjow to shield his eyes for just an instant.

In that fraction of a second, his adversary had vanished, and left Grimmjow frantically whirling around,

heart hammering away in his chest as every obstacle within viewing range became a potential hiding spot.

Grimmjow wasn't foolish enough to believe that the powerful Hollow he was fighting had fled the battlefield. The incredibly potent Reiatsu still pressing down on him told him that much at least.

That being said, the air was so saturated with it that it was impossible to pinpoint its source, and standing out in the open with no idea of his enemy's whereabouts was akin to suicide,

so Grimmjow decided that his first order of business should be to relocate his target.

To that end, Grimmjow leaped up into the air and continued to climb until he had put considerable distance between himself and the ground.

Blood and sweat alike dripped down his chin as he scanned the terrain. From his current vantage point high above the white desert he could easily see miles into the distance.

Even so, Grimmjow had no more luck seeking the bastard out from up here than he had on the ground.

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