Have Fate Without Destiny
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Have Fate Without Destiny

Khan stood at the foot of the fresh grave, fists clenched at his sides. This was all his fault. Really, it was Marcus who had caused all of this to happen.

Khan has been stupid enough to fall for the Admiral’s trick.

Burning hot tears welled up in his steel grey eyes as he glared at the tombstone, reading the words over and over, as if it would do anything to change the situation.

Anger swelled in his heart. It twisted his guts, making Khan nauseous, causing his knees to tremble. He was too late to save the life of the one person he loved above all others.

He was too late...but Khan would have vengeance; if it meant his own death to bring such justice, so be it.

In his pocket, a communicator buzzed. Pulling it out, he read the message on the screen quickly.

Khan grinned.

It was time.

He took a step forward, resting a hand on the marble slab, his finger tracing the fresh engraving.

Small bits of dust sprinkled off, some stained his fingertip and other specks floated away in the wind.

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