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A written piece by macx adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Ace Cooper stopped in front of the large iron gates, his gaze travelling up the driveway to the mansion at the far end. Everything was silent.

The sun shone brightly from the almost cloudless sky, and some birds lazily drifted through the air. All was so peaceful.

Outside anyway.

Three days had passed. Three days of doing some interviews to satisfiy the press and public. Three days of easing the pain from both the physical and mental wounds.

Three days of wondering what was happening behind those walls.

Ace sighed.

He didn't have to ring. He knew he wouldn't be allowed in, so he fell back on his talent as a magician. He called upon a spell and stepped forward, the metal gate no obstacle for him.

He simple passed through.

Walking past the trees and bushes, Ace made his way up to the house. Using his magic once more, he entered, aware that he was actually trespassing, but Mona wouldn't let him in otherwise.

Still, she wasn't here either. With a frown, Ace walked to the massive glass front and gazed into the garden below -- and discovered Mona. She was sitting next to the reflecting pool.

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