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Haunted Britain

Niall sighs as he clambers out of the van, grabbing a case of equipment from Harry’s overfull arms.

There really aren’t enough of them for everything that needs done, but unsurprisingly, not many people responded to the advert looking for crew for the show.

Few people are brave enough; or in several of their cases, weird enough; to actually want to go into creepy, reportedly haunted places in the dead of night, no matter how good the pay is.

Once they’re set up, Niall, Max and Dan hang back behind the cameras while Josh and Louis film the intro.

“Welcome to Haunted Britain,” “My name’s Josh,” “And I’m Louis,” “Tonight, we’re in Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh,” “Located under buildings in the Old Town area of the city,

it took its name from Mary King, daughter of advocate Alexander King, who in the 17th century owned several properties within the close,

” “The close was partially demolished and buried under the Royal Exchange, and later closed to the public for many years, the complex became shrouded in myths and urban legends,

” “Tales of ghosts and murders, and myths of plague victims being walled up and left to die abounded,” “Tonight,

we’ll be walking it’s narrow tunnels to find out if there’s any truth to the myths,” they agreed who was saying what days ago, and practiced on the drive up, so it flows easily,

and Liam gives them a thumbs up from behind his camera as Chris calls a cut.

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