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A short story by hellionesque posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Clouds cover the sky, and a thick feeling of tiredness covers him like a smothering blanket. It was a… Wednesday? He thinks it is.

It's rather late already, the thought crossing his mind that he should get up.

Maybe… he sweeps a hand through his dark brown hair, sitting up in the small bed secluded to the far back of the room.

He pauses, listening to the sound of cars and other large automotives below, before swinging his legs to the side and walking towards the window, which was still slightly left open.

Rain drips down the blurry, fogged over pane, which he clears with one hand, to stare into the brick wall right in front of it.

A gentle sigh overcomes him as he shuts the rickety window, turning back to his one room apartment.

Shinji stares into the darkened room, his eyes focusing on the far wall as he leans back on the wet pane of glass, the water soaking through the back of his shirt. He didn’t care much.

It’s not like he was going out today anyways… He moves forwards once again, walking through the room to slip on a pair of old sandals and pull on a threadbare coat.

He didn’t have much money these days for things like clothes. Not since he left his job. Or graduated from high school, for that matter.

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