Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon roger federer/novak djokovic stories

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Harvest Moon

Roger Federer was in love. Not with his wife, but with another man. A man he had met three years ago before Mirka got pregnant. He still can't figure out how she got pregnant.

They hadn't had sex in years. The only way she could have gotten pregnant was if she had gotten him drunk. He was in love with a man named Novak.

Last he heard from him was before the twins were born.

Before everything hit the fan. Mirka may have conspired with her parents to get pregnant, but she paid for it with her life.

While he was away on vacation in Spain with Rafa, she was in a car accident.

He flew back in time, but the doctors thought it was safer for them to do a c section to get the babies out and then they hurried to save Mirka.

Roger was bonding with his daughters when the doctor working on his wife told him that they had lost her.

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