Haruhi Homeless to Hitachiin
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A story by courtneydixon adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Haruhi Homeless to Hitachiin

Hikaru and Kaoru have always been in their own little world. It was always just the two of them. They understood each other, they were all they needed.

Staying in a bubble protected them and stopped them from getting hurt. So when their parents sat down with them and told them they had adopted an orphan, they were shocked.

She told them about how the orphans only parent had died of a heart attack leaving them alone.

"When do we meet this orphan?" Karou was the first to speak up. Their mother opened the door and then Haruhi walked in.

"Hikaru? Kaoru?" The twins would become the new scholar students siblings?

"Haruhi? You're our brother?" Hikaru said, his brows furrowed. The twins hadn't learnt much about Haruhi yet because he wasn't social. Haruhi frowned. Apparently they had said something wrong.

Haruhi giggled.

"You know I'm a girl, right?" That definitely shocked them. They turned to each other and raised an eyebrow.

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