Harry Potter is an Annoying Little Bugger
Harry Potter is an Annoying Little Bugger neville longbottom stories

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A written piece by xxxxdarkvampirexxxx adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Harry Potter is an Annoying Little Bugger

Today was a busy day for the Dark Lord Voldemort.

He had planned a major raid, and was finalizing plans with his Death Eaters, who stood stoically before him in the ballroom of Riddle Manor, listening to him intently.

Well, he assumed so, at least. They knew he would curse them if he noticed any signs of fading interest or concentration.

And that was why it came as a surprise to everyone, including Voldemort himself, when suddenly-

"Hoooot!" Which was followed by a sickening-Crash!

Everyone in the room, including the Dark Lord (though he'd Crucio you before admitting it), jumped in shock, and turned to look at the window. No one saw anything outside.

"Wormtail! Open the window!" Voldemort ordered, wand in hand and snake slit eyes as narrowed as they could be.

Trembling in fear, the rat like man stumbled over to the large window, undid the latch, and pushed it open. He peered out carefully, but didn't see anything at all. Then he looked down.

"M-M-My Lord!"

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