Harry Barton-Stark (continued)
Harry Barton-Stark (continued) albus dumbledore stories

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A fan work by ihscribe adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Harry Barton-Stark (continued)

Christmas holidays came faster than Harry could believe and too painstakingly slow for Loki to handle.

Harry knew his friend could hardly handle staying over the break, and Harry himself was missing his father and uncle.

He gathered what few essentials he would need while away before locking the rest of his belongings with a spell far too advanced for his fellow classmates to overcome for those

with larceny in their hearts, not that it was much of an issue in Hufflepuff.

With his bag packed and a reluctant owl Loki in the bird cage in his hand, Harry was boarding the train back to King's Cross Station.

Harry spent the ride discussing plans with his housemates for their holiday while Loki counted down the seconds until he and Harry were away from those that had seen him in this form so he

could return to his true body. Feathers had the horrible habit of itching. Thankfully, he was not at the mercy of the vermin that came with the fur coats.

Though anything that dared to attempt to feed on him found its extremely short life even shorter.

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