Harriet at Hogwarts
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Harriet at Hogwarts

It was Harriet Smith’s first day of lessons at Hogwarts.

She was a Muggle-born orphan, and had never heard of Hogwarts in her life until a strangely-dressed but kindly lady came to visit her at the house of her guardian, Mrs Goddard.

The lady told her she had been registered for a place at this magical school, where she could learn to control the strange abilities she had discovered.

She had bought her books and school supplies, read the books several times over, tried to memorise them, and been sorted into Hufflepuff.

She was now on her way to the Great Hall for lunch with Elizabeth Martin, a friend she had made on the Hogwarts Express.

A group of Slytherin girls passed them in the corridor and proceeded to stand around talking, preventing Harriet and Elizabeth from going further.

“Why does Hufflepuff house even exist? They are useless and stupid!”

“Look at the bag the blonde one is carrying! So Muggle! So out of fashion! Why do they even let Mudbloods in anyway?”

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