Harmonising - Verb
Harmonising - Verb gary of naxen/raoul of goldenlake and malorie's peak stories

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Harmonising - Verb

The screen flickered to life, the tell-tale

and shake of a hand-held camera bringing a face into the light. A young woman with gold-red hair and grey, almost

eyes, who looked more asleep than awake, filled up the screen.

“Well, hi.” She broke into a yawn, covering her mouth and sweeping her fringe back off her forehead. “So, it's five a.m., I'm Alanna Trebond, here with my brother Thom.”

She turned the camera to show her brother at the wheel, who looked just as tired as she did. He grunted in response and she turned the camera back to herself.

“As you can see, we're both bright-eyed and... bushy-tailed... ready for the day ahead. Please note the sarcasm. But anyway, we are on our way to VidCon!”

“Well, we're on our way to the airport,” Thom interjected. The camera swivelled, and he smiled for a moment.

“Well, we're on our way to get coffee because you're about to crash the car if you don't get any caffeine in you,” she said. “Thom can't function without caffeine.”

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