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A short story by tigerowl adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Gaara had taken his first assignment as a jounin very seriously. The details had said that he was scheduled to meet with a medic-nin who had supplies ready for Sand.

They were rare supplies otherwise unattainable in either the Fire or Wind Country. They were coming for surprisingly cheap but there was a catch: they could not be sent.

Someone would have to go north to retrieve them.

Consequently, Gaara was following a poorly-drawn map and his instinctual sense of direction to navigate the treacherous landscape of the Land of Stone.

He was warned to be wary of Iwa ninja who were always slavering for a fight. So far he had met no resistance.

Before he had set out he had asked why they had to be picked up in the first place instead of being sent by the Rock village directly.

“Because they

coming from Rock,” Baki explained to him, “Rather some backwater mountain in the middle of nowhere.

It's close though; that's why there could be shinobi from Iwa getting tangled in this which would be less than helpful.”

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