Hang the Apple on the Tree
Hang the Apple on the Tree big bang challenge stories

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Hang the Apple on the Tree

O Merlin in your crystal cave

Deep in the diamond of the day,

Will there ever be a singer

Whose music will smooth away

The furrow drawn by Adam's finger

Across the memory and the wave?

Or a runner who'll outrun

Man's long shadow driving on,

Break through the gate of memory

And hang the apple on the tree?

Will your magic ever show

The sleeping bride shut in her bower,

The day wreathed in its mound of snow

and Time locked in his tower?  - Edwin Muir (1927)

The rocking of the boat and the scrape of its hull against land brings Arthur slowly back to awareness.

It’s bright all around him, too bright to open his eyes, so he listens for a little while to the sound of water and begins to assess his condition.

In careful sequence he tests his extremities, and finds fingers and toes and hands and feet and arms and legs all in order.

His head feels muzzy with sleep or unconsciousness, but this is hardly a new feeling, so he lets it alone.

In the distance, carried as though over miles, he catches a faint sound like someone sobbing, and he begins to remember.

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