Hands on her
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short story by boredone27 posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Hands on her

Each layer of clothes being shed make Zimmy feels like a layer less covering her true self, ugly and dirty.

She wants to grab at the hands lifting her shirt and push it away, but those are Gamma’s hands, soft and gentle as they caress her shoulders.

Zimmy opens her eyes to the sight of a naked Gamma, smiling with warm but concerned eyes. She is struck speechless. Gamma is beautiful, more beautiful than anything in this dreadful world.

She glows, her light brightens the dull gray city around them.

Before her Zimmy feels self concious, in this place made by her own mind she feels like she is being laid bare in her naked self, unworthy of being in presence of such radiance.

Someone as unclean as her surely will contaminate Gamma and dim her light with just a touch.

Hands trailing down her side jolt Zimmy from her frantic thoughts, a lovely voice speakes up in her mind.

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