Handle With Care
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Handle With Care

Handle With Care

Chapter 1: In the Beginning

He pushed her up against the faded brick wall, his hands pulling her legs snug around his waist and grinding into her. His lips were firm against hers, tasting of whiskey and smoke.

Her fingers dug into his spikey blond hair, running down the back of his neck, dipping in to the collar of his soft black t-shirt.

“My place is just down the block,” Darcy panted into his mouth as he palmed one of her breasts thought the fabric of her shirt. “I think we should go there, like right now.”

They stumbled up the steps of her old metal motorhome, the screen door clapping shirt right on their heels,

his shirt already hitting the floor as he pulled his lips from her neck to take care of hers. His fingers were rough against her over heated skin.

Darcy backed her way down the short hall into the bedroom, letting him tip her down onto the mattress, tossing her bra over his shoulder in to the hallway.

He worked his way down her body, pulling each nipple into his mouth in turn, sucking and pulling at the sensitive flesh, coaxing them into hard peaks.

His hands skimmed down her body, quickly unbuttoning her jeans and dragging down the zipper as he sucked a hickey into the flesh over her left hip bone.

He pulled her jeans and underwear down and off, her shoes long lost in the front room.

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