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Alice Elliot stood in front of the Cranford General Store, waiting for her sister Elizabeth to show up with the Rover. Elizabeth was late. Alice didn’t mind waiting so much, not this time.

She had a book to read and a bottle of ice cold water to rest against the nape of her neck. It was 1:00pm on a July Saturday, and July Saturdays in Cranford, Connecticut were scorching hot.

Alice looked up when she thought she heard the sound of her sister’s car speeding up Bath Street, only to frown when she saw it was instead a battered blue Ford F-150.

The truck parked diagonally, a little too close to the curb, in front of where she stood.

A young man got out of the passenger seat. He wasn’t that much taller than Alice, who, at 5’8”, was tall for an Asian girl (or so her mother had always said).

His hair was thick, dark, and curly, and there was hay sticking out of it. He had bright green eyes.

He was about to head into the store when he turned around and asked the driver a question through the passenger side window.

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