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Halo Song

Bran knew Arya wasn't going to give up. She’d been really nice to him all day, making him breakfast, doing his washing and most of his other chores.

She probably thought that he was totally oblivious and just thought it as a “nice gesture of sibling love”.

Well she thought wrong.

“No” Bran smiled and slammed the door on her face. Walking towards his desk and computer chair, he sat down and started to do his coursework, although things did never run smooth with Arya.

They never did.

She opened the door and proceeded to run towards him, get on her knees next to his chair and clasp her hands together like she was praying.

To whom? Possibly him or God or Gods? Probably trying to subconsciously get him to say yes. Haha, not working.

“Please Bran, please?!” She begged him, her knuckles turning white were she was gripping them together hard.

“No Arya, no, remember what happened last time and the time before that?” he said, he knew what happened last time and the time before that, and he didn’t want it repeated again.

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