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Halo: Pandora's Box

UNSC derelict Forward Unto Dawn

Date: unknown

Location: unknown

Cortana's personal log

I can feel the rampancy eating away at my functions, but for the sake of Spartan-117, for John's sake, I have to keep going.

To slow the onset of rampancy I will he entering standby mode, only to awaken if anything approaches the Dawn. It's funny, the closer I get to rampancy, the more human I feel.

Dying is making me feel alive.

Almost a century before the Zentradi scientist began construction on the Super Dimensional Fortress and sent it to the blue white world,

Zor had made a smaller prototype cruiser class starship with a much smaller protoculture factory and an experimental FTL engine.

In terms of size, the ship was one third the size of the famous SDF-1, but as with all things protoculture, what you see is NEVER what you get.

Zor knew that the Robotech Masters were despotic rulers, but since seducing the Invid Regis to learn the secrets of protoculture,

the Flower of Life had shown him two possible futures for two phases of existence.

One in which Zor builds a mighty fortress and the resulting war echoes through out the cosmos, bringing death and destruction to countless worlds.

The second, the Masters rule the cosmos with an iron fist.

The future of the 'other phase' was less clear cut, and hinged around a faceless soldier in green armor and a dying artificial construct.

So, without a second thought, he began working on prototypes, most of which went to arm and supply the Zentradi warriors under the Masters banner.

However, Zor conducted secret experiments,

designing a ship with a FTL drive that could cross dimensional boundaries and power the cruisers powerful pinpoint barrier system and hyper particle cannon.

At the heart of the ships power source was the reflex furnace, the engine which powered the Robotech factory, a massive factory which produced mecha to fight the Invid,

arms and armored the soldiers stationed there.

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