Hallway Confessions
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Hallway Confessions

The redhead was nervous, his heart pounding wildly in his chest. His feet felt heavy, his hands sweating and shaking.

Why was he so nervous? No, the question is, why wouldn't he be nervous? He barely knew his crush, how would he react?

Poor innocent Yuki was terrified. Natsuki seemed like the type to snap often- he had a short temper, and a lump lodged itself in his throat at the thought of negative outcomes.

He felt his face start to stiffen, his eyes stretching, teeth clenching as all he could hear was his heavy, racing heartbeat.

Yuki shook his head slightly, feeling the tension in his face release as he calmed himself.

Regardless, he was still afraid.

Yuki's eyes drifted to his shoes as he walked, his heart beating and his face warming only slightly as he thought of Natsuki.

His ruffled hair, his narrow brown eyes, his defined collarbone, his smooth voice... Yuki bit the inside of his cheek.

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