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Hakuna Mutanta

"Kid." Logan just won't quit with that, will he? Quentin is twenty now. He's an adult. Not to mention he's been the avatar for the Phoenix for just over two years now - and

. He's had no issues with it since his first couple of months. He's in complete control. He is in no way a kid now...

Even if he hasn't grown out of his signature tacky haircut and colour, and only altered his clothing style by adding a few flame motifs to some key clothing items.

"Kid, follow." Still, Logan gestures with a slight flick of his hand as he passes the class Quentin has just finished up teaching.

Frowning, Quentin reluctantly obeys the command trailing up the corridor after the older man.

"Alright, big guy. What's with the ominous orders?" He sighs with an eye roll that hasn't changed since he was sixteen.

"Just shut up and pay attention for once, Quire." Logan attempts to cover the growl in his words, though he barely succeeds.

He cares about Quentin - that's obvious to anyone who knows them - but that doesn't mean the telepath isn't still one of the most infuriating assholes Wolverine has ever met.

"I need to talk to you. Important stuff." He grumbles with a flippant hand gesture as he leads Quentin up the stairs towards the exit to the roof.

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