Hack the Planet
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Hack the Planet

After her internship with Dr. Foster, Darcy returned to college to finish her degree under the watchful eye of SHIELD.

The only reason that she knew they were watching her was because she had seen the agent assigned to follow her on occasion.

Darcy thought it was funny that she could point him out when he was supposed to be sneaky, and had a great time losing him for a few hours every night.

Months had passed since the events of New Mexico, and she only had a few more weeks before finals and graduation when she received a call, a call from someone who is supposed to be dead.

Answering her phone with her usual sarcastic greeting of “Thank you for calling Willowdale morgue, where you stab them and we slab them. Which body can I direct you to today?”

“Ah, I missed your brand of snark missy. Whatever you do, don’t say my name I am technically still dead.

” The masculine voice came over the line, shocking Darcy enough that she did a great impression of a goldfish.

After a few tries of talking, and nothing coming through “Darce, are you okay over there?”

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