Guilty Pleasure Friends
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A fan work by rubyleaf posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Guilty Pleasure Friends

The hallway was buzzing with voices. Everyone from freshmen to seniors was talking at the same time, greeting friends, exchanging news, asking for directions.

Dozens of students from every grade were crowding in front of a list, searching for their names in it.

"Look, there's my name too! Ryuusei, Koyuki, Sakuya, we're all in the same class!"

"I can't believe I'm in the same class as you

, Watanuki!"

"Hey, Angel-chan! Looks like you'll have to bear with me for another year!"

"Tsubakyun, look, look! We're not in the same class anymoooore! We've been separated!"

"My, my, what a lively scene..."

Mahiru went through the list again. He took pride in knowing pretty much every student at the school, or at least he knew everyone's name and face, which was already impressive enough in itself.

Every name on the list rang a bell and made a face appear in his head, along with one or two details he had observed about them during the past year.

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