Guilty Conscience
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Guilty Conscience

"Not to Disneyland," Benny Ray replied to Chance's question, shrugging into his jacket and heading for the stairs.

He regretted the words as soon as they were out of his mouth, but it was too late to call them back and he honestly didn't know where he was going,

and he didn't want to tell any of them why he was going.

They were all on edge, worrying about Matt and wondering what they were going to do.  Equal measures of fear and frustration were responsible for the snappish words.

He'd make it a point to apologize to Chance later.  Chance would understand and appreciate the sniper's need to put some space between him and the situation so he could think.

Outside, Benny Ray climbed onto his Big Dog, the engine quickly roaring to life.  He headed down the street, eventually maneuvering his way through morning traffic to enter the freeway.

But after driving for almost an hour, and not finding any place that called to him, he turned around and headed back to the Silver Star.

He might as well make his apologies and try a walk on the beach.

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