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Guiding the Mind

Toby always knew his special ability was there for a reason. Not only had Ray always talked about it like that, but being able to read minds was not normal.

He didn’t register on the Guide scale and hadn’t been tested since being dropped off in the system due to Ray’s protection to keep his telepathy a secret.

Guides in Canada that were orphaned were usually required to be placed into the system and later worked for the government in some way.

Toby never could concentrate on law and bureaucracy so he was glad he didn’t register on the scale.

Ray had asked for an unofficial meeting with Blair Sandburg throughout the years though and the Guide had frowned at him quite a bit before nodding and turning to Jim for confirmation.

Ray had been asked to leave and Toby had grown uneasy.

Being sixteen at the time, he didn’t have much to go on. He could read them but he had sworn to never read anyone. Not that reading people was much fun.

He had learned early on that some secrets were better left alone.

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