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Guessing Game

The first time they played this game, Kurogane thought it was stupid.

The idea came from the twins, of course, and Kurogane would bet that Fai was the one who suggested it to his brother.

He had a wicked smile plastered on his face when they approached Kurogane that day, Yuui following close behind.

Kurogane had been prepared to deny whatever crazy request they had, but as they explained what they wanted, he couldn't bear the thought of wiping that hopeful look off their faces.

He sighed, agreeing to play

, and the twins laughed and kissed him and dragged him to their bedroom.

That's how he ended up wearing a blindfold, kneeling on the bed as Fai and Yuui positioned themselves in front of him,

careful not to make any noise so that Kurogane wouldn't be able to know who was who.

He didn't understand why the twins wanted to do this - he usually had no trouble telling them apart,

and he doubted doing so with a blindfold would be much of a challenge like they said it would.

But he played along, tracing their bodies with his fingers and then his mouth, feeling them tense and squirm but stay silent.

Kurogane could sense their smiles, identical, as he focused on their every reaction and tried to think of a way to get one of them to lose.

After a while, when all of them were breathing heavily and Kurogane was about to rip the blindfold off and end that stupid game, his teeth grazed a wrist and there was a gasp,

quickly silenced but enough for Kurogane to smile against the sensitive skin.

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