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This was not where it was supposed to be.


like it was, certainly. The stars were where they should be. Each planet rotated and revolved in exactly the same way they should.

Everything was cosmically accurate, which meant that as lost as it was, it wasn't

lost. That was the good news, and likely to be the only good news it received for a while.

Because while the planet beneath it was definitely Earth, and the people living on it were definitely human, that was the extent of things as they should be.

Everything else was wrong.

There were too many people, and yet not enough. Too many cities, not enough ruins. Places that should be, weren't, and places that shouldn't be, were.

People down there were doing incredible things, and this was familiar to it, but they weren't using Light to do it. That was biggest wrong it could see, obvious even in its damaged state.

Earth should be shining, a brilliant island of light and life in a sea of encroaching dark.

It should have been the last vestige of a once-great people and the point from which they would reclaim everything that had been taken from them.

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