Guardian of the Sea
Guardian of the Sea blanche/candela/spark (pokemon) stories

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A written piece by awtuscany adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Guardian of the Sea

The night is stormy, the sea surrounding the tiny island is chopping, inside a tiny house in the center of a tiny village screams ring out.

Within the tiny house a number of people and Pokemon are waiting: a young man stands nervously outside a room, his trusted Espeon at his side, an old couple sit on a couch,

their beloved Noctowl sits on the back of the couch, and inside the room is a young woman, an older woman and a Chancy.

The younger woman lets out a scream, the Chancy holds the young woman’s hand and the older woman looks determined.

“One more push!” The older woman says, stern but encouraging.

The young woman screams again, then there's silence. The silence is broken by the screams of the newborn, who is cleaned up and handed to their mother.

“Islene.” The mother whispers, gazing lovingly at her child.

The storm outside continues, the guardian of the seas grows restless.

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