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Guardian Memories

Chapter 1 "The Beginning"


You looked up from your notebook to see your best friend Tsuki standing next to you. Her breathing was labored as if she had run a long distance to get to you.

Her green eyes widened with excitement.

"Guess what (Y/N)! You know that cute guy named Hojo? I just found out he doesn't have a girlfriend!" She threw her hands up in excitement.

"I thought Hojo liked Kagome though, not that she's ever here anymore..." You stood up, brushing off the school's green skirt and grabbed your lunch before heading after Tsuki.

She led you to a nice area to sit and eat your lunches in peace.

"Well, I heard from one of her closer friends that she already has a boyfriend." Your eyes snapped up from your bento to look at Tsuki.

"What? Does Hojo know this?"

She shook her head, "I don't know if the word has gotten to him yet. But when it does, I'll make sure I'm there to comfort him and hey if things develop from there I'm not complaining.

" You lightly slapped her arm at her comment. She flashed a wicked grin before stuffing her face with an onigiri. You laughed a bit at her before digging into your own lunch.

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