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Guardian Angel

Murasaki does not get much sleep at night.

Why do you ask?

Simply because Nice asks him the weirdest questions at night.

“Hey, Murasaki.”

Murasaki grunted. “Nice. It’s 2:50 AM in the

.” He started, irritably.

Nice looked at the ceiling and ignored Murasaki’s statement. “Don’t you think that Ratio seems a bit...well, the type to have OCD?”

Murasaki looked at Nice in utter disbelief.

“You’re waking me up at 2:50 AM in the goddamned morning to discuss this?” He asked, slowly.

Nice had no sense of danger. “Yeah. Because sometimes, he freaks out if we spill even a drop of

over his table.”

Murasaki hit his boyfriend's face with a pillow.

“Go back to fucking sleep already, you idiot."

Ratio sneezed.

Birthday blearily opened his eyes and looked at Ratio in concern, wondering if the other was getting a cold.

The doctor was still sleeping and had a handkerchief over his mouth and nose.

Birthday shook his head. “You and your germophobia.” He whispered with a hint of fondness in his tone and he went back to sleeping soundly.

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