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A fan work by sassyraydorgirl62 posted on commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Growing Old

Chapter 1

People say that there’s always that one moment that changes you life forever, a moment that makes you revaluate everything in your life. A touch, a smell, a sound, sometimes…even a phone call.

Emma was just putting out some cheese and biscuits when the phone rang.

“This had better be an emergency or someone is in serious trouble….

oh darling, I…we didn’t have plans tonight did we darling, otherwise I’m afraid I may have double booked myself and I…what is it?”

Emma stood in her kitchen listening to her friend on the other end of the line when Liam walked in, grabbing a bottle of wine, ready to pour Emma another glass.

He stopped what he was doing when he took in the lost look she had on her face, tears beginning in her eyes as she listened to whoever was on the other end of the phone.

“No, of course darling…yes. Don’t be silly, of course I’ll come over…give me half an hour, alright bye.”

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