Gringott's Lesser-known Branch
Gringott's Lesser-known Branch tip of the hat to lotr stories

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Gringott's Lesser-known Branch

Harry had barely even a moment to blink as the door to his cupboard was flung open; a hand that wasn't his aunt's, uncle's,

or cousin's reached in and dragged him out; and a shiny metal stick with odd writing was waved in front of his face.

Soft odd whispers in a different language than any he had ever heard on the telly captured his attention lulling him into a strange passivity when he really did know that he should

be frightened – particularly,

when his aunt was shrieking in a strangely high-pitched scream unlike any of the screams that she made for mice or spiders or roaches or even the really scary scream that she made when

he sometimes caused ... odd things to happen.

He knew he should have been frightened by the oddly flat voice that instructed his aunt,

"We are dissatisfied with the current level of neglect that you demonstrate in the maintenance and upkeep of your nephew.

After investigation, it was discovered that this situation has continued unchecked since he was initially placed in your custody by Albus Dumbledore six years ago.

As neither the wizarding nor muggle communities have seen fit to intervene in your nephew's behalf, despite his strategic importance,

the board of directors has seen fit to invalidate your assignment of custody without penalty.

If you choose to dispute this action, you have thirty days to employ a barrister from the ministry of magic to issue an application for appeal to the nearest Gringott Branch in Little Hampstead.

If no appeal is filed, the matter will be marked closed at the end of the appeal period.

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