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How to lose Green
By psychoalicevibe https://psychoalicevibe.t...

Green Wins

by psychoalicevibe

How to lose


In every way:

Dress her

In pastel pink


Place your

Diamonds upon

Her fingers

And face:

A luxurious waste.

Baby, you are so vain.

You probably think

My song is about you, baby.

You are so vain.

You think my song

Is about you.

Do you not? Do you not?

Do you not think?

I wait in the rain, baby.

Ugh, reality strikes!I cannot–no, not

Those cigarettes, Green.

Not those cigarettes.

Rain? Wait for me!

I am coming! I am lying!

You are a game, but

That is all I think

Unless I wait

In the same place,

The same place,

Another day.

I foresee a trick, baby,

And I am tired–so tired–

In more than one way. In all

Of the ways, in every way.

You smother my vibe

With vanity; you pierce

It with shards from a broken

Mirror–one I smashed after I knew

I am too ugly for you. Too

Green for you. Love

For you, baby.


Love for you,

Not diamonds, not

Clouds of smoke–just love:

Love, the reason behind

My p-p-p-poker face.

You have a royal flush, and

I only have red cheeks.

I win the game.

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