Green Light
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A work by spencerknight adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Green Light

Ashton was seated in the back of the hired car with Luke, attempting to get any amount of information from him. The man wore jeans and a white button down with three buttons undone.

There was a tattoo on the man’s wrist, partially hidden by a large silver watch. He was staring at Luke and waiting for an answer to a question he had asked two minutes ago.

As far as Luke knew, all Ashton had was the blond boy’s age, eighteen, which he had learned from the auctioneer, and not the boy himself.

He doubted Ashton had looked through his file yet, based on the questions he was asking. It could all be found in the packet tucked into the seat pocket in front of the man.

Luke knew nothing about where he was headed, nor who he was seated next to, and was pressing as far into the car door as his seat belt would allow to avoid being close to Ashton.

He didn't get a file telling him all about his buyer.

His heart was racing as he picked at his shirt sleeve with careful concentration, which was very clearly frustrating the older man, who obviously wanted answers,

rather than the long stretch of silence he received instead.

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