Green Eyes
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A fan work by cazmalfoy adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Green Eyes

Gareth watched as John crossed the stage, heading in Kai’s direction. He was going to do something; that much was obvious. But with John there was never anyway to predict what the Scot would do.

Part of him was surprised when he grabbed hold of Kai and drew him closer. But a very big part of him had been expecting some kind of lewd moment from the King of innuendo.

When John and Kai’s lips met, Gareth knew his jealously was showing in his eyes.

He knew he had no right to call John his; because at the end of the day, John was his own person and could do what he wanted.

But seeing John kissing someone else – even if it was only meant as a joke – in front of him, still made Gareth feel weird.

Taking a deep breath, Gareth threw back his head and practically inhaled a mouthful of water – suddenly wishing he had something much stronger. Like arsenic.

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