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Green Brother

My name is Excel, the CPU candidate of a place called Leanbox. I am one of a kind, the only male CPU, the younger broth of Vert AKA Green Heart.

I kinda just do my own thing, hang around the Basilicom all day, messing around on my lap top and listening to music.

I usually just sit around in my green sweatshirt, black slacks and big headphones.

"Listen up!" someone yelled yanking my headphones off my head.

"Owww jeez, what the hell Vert."

"You should get out of your room more." Vert said "You're so pale…you could use a little sun."

"Says the girl who sits around playing games all day. What'd you want Vert?"

"I can't say hello to my younger brother."

"This better not be another one of those you wanna dress me up like a girl things again." I grumbled "If I wake up in a dress and a wig again I swear…"

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