Greek Mythology AU - Jarida
Greek Mythology AU - Jarida greek mythology stories

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fan work by thegreenprism adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Greek Mythology AU - Jarida

“Jackson! Hey Jack-ass, your Frappuccino is ready!” Meri yelled from behind the counter.

The young adult with his auburn coloured hair looked up from his seat raising an eyebrow. Was the nickname necessary?

She threw an amused smile and sat the cold drink down on the counter to continue with another order.

Jackson stood up to get his drink, immediately sat it down again and narrowed his eyebrows towards her. “That’s it, I want a new one.”

The redhead jumped up and sassily laid her hand on her hip. “If you’re worried that I poisoned it, don’t. I doubled it this time to be sure.”

With a dead serious expression, he leaned over the counter to whisper to her.

“I’m immune to your witchcraft. You keep on trying, princess. You’re never getting rid of me.” Before she could answer he raised his hand. “But that’s not why you have to give me another coffee.

“Not cold enough for your frozen heart?”

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