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We are together, and yet sometimes she is not really here.

I feel so close to her, and then, in a heartbeat she is gone, those clear blue eyes clouding over, a look of profound sorrow taking her away from me.

I still can't believe that I found her. I hadn't been to that library for so long. I can't even remember now what book I was looking for. I certainly wasn't prepared for what I actually did find.

An amazing woman.

She slammed into me, books scattering, stammering apologies.

My initial irritation turned into schoolboy awe as I looked into her face, her pure blue eyes smiling behind glasses that would have looked ugly on any other woman.

My heart, shrouded in grief and loneliness for so long, started to pound as her scent teased my nostrils.

Lavender and ylang-ylang, smells that were so achingly familiar to me that I was transported back to another time, another woman. I could hardly string a sentence together.

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