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Graveyard Girl

"You've just been acting weird, Megumi."

Fashionably tousled brown hair lay just above thick lashes as honey brown eyes glanced to the side, outside the café window.

It was a large coffee shop with businessmen on their lunches and saleswomen in line for their obligatory one P.M. caffeine shot.

At the small, square table next to the entrance in front of the bow window sat two young adults.

"You're not the same and it's kind of worrying." He glanced to the ebony haired girl who had yet to look up at him.

Her hands lay in her lap and she took more interest in the creamy coffee that sat in front of her. She tried listening to anything else, paying attention to anything else.

She didn't want to look up at him. She knew she wouldn't like what she'd see.

She knew what was happening.

She focused on the little design the barista made in her coffee with the creamer, the pattern of a leaf's veins and its shape.

She forced herself to examine the colors, noting the coffee beneath the vanilla creamer reminded her of her eye color.

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