Grapes of Wrath
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Grapes of Wrath

It took around five supers and a dozen non-super operatives to survey midtown Manhattan between Stark Tower and the Baxter Building.

"Area is secure. I think," came the voice of one Clint Barton through the comm. He was perched on a twenty-story building, looking bored and uninterested.

"You think? You sure you've swept the surrounding buildings thoroughly? Do it again. Make it a 100% sweep.

" This time it was Steve, and he wasn't satisfied with sweeping the radius just four times. Three others groaned through the comm.

Clint snorted. "I'm in a residential area--I'm not about to barge into people's private homes."

"Transfer alien life-form from point A to point B," droned Nick Fury, eyes steely as always as they looked at the screens in front of him. "And keep sharp.

We have intel tipping us off that hostiles are around the neighborhood." As usual, he wasn't at the scene, but rather at S.H.I.E.L.D.'s headquarters, monitoring everything with his one good eye.

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