Graduate, Paper Chase (We'll Get Out Of This Place)
Graduate, Paper Chase (We'll Get Out Of This Place) fall out boy stories

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A fiction by entangledbanks (summerhurleys) adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Graduate, Paper Chase (We'll Get Out Of This Place)

It’s the second day of school when Patrick realizes how

he is that he doesn’t teach either fourth or fifth grade.

He’s glad as well that the most drama he’s had to deal with involves Nick being unwilling to leave Kindergarten, and ultimately, Mr. Blackinton’s side.

The only reason he’s come to this observation is because he’s had to watch over both Ms. Asher’s and Mr.Ross’s classes while a major problem had to be sorted out quickly.

Both teachers as well as Miss O who taught third grade, had no teacher assistants. Most times, either Patrick himself or Mr.

Iero, the second grade TA, had to go watch the classes if they had to be left. (Mr. Suarez could never part from the arduous work of Kindergarten enough to watch over other students)

So, upperclassmen drama. Mostly the fifth graders teasing Travis about his apparently steaming summer fling with one of the third graders.

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