Gotta Get Me Some
Gotta Get Me Some hawaii five-0 (2010) rpf stories

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A fan work by gunslingaaahhh adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Gotta Get Me Some

It wasn’t a big deal. Or, at least, it

have been a big deal.

Yeah, he’d missed the blessing again, so what? It wasn’t like they needed him to be there, as long as Alex was, right?

Alex was the face of the whole thing, and he was more into that stuff anyway.

So Scott kept saying to himself as he dumped his luggage into his trunk and directed Dot to hop into the passenger seat.

He didn’t feel bad with regards to the blessing itself so much as the disappointment in Alex’s voice when he’d told him on the phone he wouldn’t be around for it.

The other man had sounded truly crestfallen, like he’d missed Scott or some shit. Well, too bad.

“It isn’t like they really needed me for anything huge anyway,” he said to Dot, who was snoring quietly on the seat next to him. “Nothing we can’t shoot when I get on set tomorrow.”

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