Gotham Nights
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Gotham Nights

Catwoman. Why did it have to be Catwoman?

Dick Grayson pondered this as he raced across the rooftop, just trying to keep the fleeing feline criminal in sight. Tonight was supposed to be an easy night.

He was going to make a quick patrol around Gotham as Nightwing, and then head off to see Babs. Babs, Barbara Gordon, that is.

The commissioner's daughter who donned a makeshift costume all those years ago, and pronounced herself as the independent superhero Batgirl, catching the eye of Dick when he was a young Robin.

And after so many years of dancing around their feelings for each other, they had finally decided to make things work.

So much had happened over the years, with his time leading the Titans, her tragic injury (and recovery) at the hands of the Joker, and his undercover work as an international spy,

but he was finally home to see the girl that he had crushed on since he was a teen.

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