Gooey Ashes
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Gooey Ashes

It started slow. Not the kind of slow that lets you prepare. No, the kind of slow that went undetected, the kind where everyone was sure they'd have plenty of time.

So why not put it off, let the rest of the world deal with it?

The first to close were schools. With too many kids out sick and a high risk of contagion, schools closed for the rest of the foreseeable week, as they'd done with widespread bugs before.

Confident the majority of kids would be bright and bubbly once more by the end of the month.

With kids away from a main source of information - away from society - few bothered to look beyond the evening news on biased forecasts full of blue-eyed blondes.

Riots in other parts of the world received vague mentions. Vines and YouTube videos spiked in the supernatural and horror genres.

Independent reporters on Twitter put out a cry of what was going on, but of course, no one on the internet ever changed the world.

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